Modeling Social Dynamics

Modeling Social Dynamics

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This web site serves as a  general resource for social science researchers, teachers, and students in the area of modeling social dynamics. Users share hands-on modeling materials -- including software, demonstrations, documentation, and source code -- as well as resources for teaching and learning modeling, such as syllabi, labs, exercises, and tutorials.

We also host online server space for authors of papers in social dynamics to post anonymous supplementary materials during the review process at social science journals.

Call for contributions
We hope you will consider sharing your own work with a broad audience of students, faculty, and researchers. We develop, collect, and distribute the following materials:
  • Demonstrations and documentation for published models
  • Replications and source code for published models
  • Syllabi for courses related to modeling social dynamics
  • Lab exercises in modeling
  • Web tutorials on modeling and math foundations
  • Lecture notes or presentation materials
  • Links to other online resources
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