Modeling Social Dynamics

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The past decade has seen a rapid proliferation of the use of computer simulation for theory-development in the social sciences. Although a handful of interdisciplinary centers advance computational modeling of social dynamics, few disciplinary graduate programs offer training in even basic foundations of dynamic modeling. This project aims to complement the thriving interdisciplinary community by enhancing the ongoing dialog with traditional disciplinary programs. We have developed model seminars at Columbia University, Cornell University, and the University of Washington, organized an interdisciplinary conference at the National Science Foundation, and offered training workshops at professional meetings and government agencies as well as universities from New York to New Zealand.
As part of the broader project, this online repository offers resources for research, training, and learning in Modeling Social Dynamics. The repository of source code and other research materials will also contribute to diffusion and transparency of modeling research, from improving the integrity of the review process to building cumulative research programs.
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