Modeling Social Dynamics

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Hosting Anonymous Supplementary Materials

This site hosts anonymous materials to support manuscript submissions to journals, if the manuscripts develop or advance formal models of social dynamics. For example, it hosts color figures, animations, sensitivity analyses, proofs, or source code that will inform editors or referees in the review process.
Supplementary review materials will be linked to the submission by a code held only be the author, editor, and reviewers. This web service will have no access to the paper submission or review process.
 To protect the anonymity and integrity of reviews:
  • Authors will be assigned independent web folders and have direct FTP access to manage their own materials. Just contact us to request a username and temporary password.
  • Do not include the author name, manuscript title, or journal name in any of the review materials.
  • Do not include the manuscript name or journal name in correspondence; if you wish, you may even use an anonymous e-mail address to request the username.
  • At the author's/editor's discretion, space may be password-protected; otherwise, it will be accessible by the author's unique URL (e.g. '').
  • Do not create any links to your anonymous review space from other web pages or disseminate the URL by insecure email.
  • Do not recycle the review space for multiple papers. If you would like to use this service again for a different paper, please request a new anonymous folder. 
  • At the editor's request, an author's write access to the review space may be terminated once the review process has begun.
  • The folder will be destroyed at the end of the review process or after one year, unless an extension is arranged.

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