Modeling Social Dynamics

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Credit List for Authors of Materials on

We thank the following authors for providing materials for this site.
Please see specific materials for direct authorship credits.

Robert Axelrod U of Michigan 
Elizabeth Bruch U of Michigan 
Carter Butts U of California Irvine
Damon Centola MIT  
Derek Cook University of Wisconsin
Yen-Sheng Chiang Max Planck Institute
Guido Fioretti  U of Bologna
Andreas Flache U of Groningen
David Gibson U of Pennsylvania 
Herbert Gintis U of Massachusetts
Robert Goldstone Indiana U
Robert Hanneman U of California Riverside  
Richard Harrison U of Texas Dallas 
Laurence Iannaccone George Mason U 
James Kitts Columbia University
David Lazer Harvard University
Ziang (John) Lin U of Texas Dallas 
Michael Maes U of Groningen
Michael Macy Cornell U
Noah Mark UNC Charlotte
Spiro Maroulis Northwestern
Barbara Meeker U of Maryland
Martina Morris U of Washington
Pamela Oliver U of Wisconsin
Dawn Parker U of Waterloo
Rick Riolo U of Michigan
Nobuyuki Takahashi U ofHokkaido
Leigh Tesfatsion Iowa State U 
Arnout Van de Rijt SUNY Stony Brook

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